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Behind the scenes: Episode 2 - David Bishop

Luke Paul James Pepper

My Job:

I joined Lokulus just over 5 years ago and have worked on a wide range of projects employing and learning skills from design to coding and bespoke configuration. The work can sometimes be challenging but the rewards are worth it, everybody in the company contributes and everyone is respected and recognised. The range of clients we get to work with is staggering; from government departments to up and coming retail organisations right through insurance companies and business support services. One can accomplish a real sense of achievement when helping a client overcome a business problem and I relish what fresh challenges each new day may bring.

My Life:

Outside of work I am interested in films, technology, reading and cooking. I may sometimes be required to work unconventional hours but these are always discussed and agreed across the team so I can keep my work life balance in check and any flexibility is reciprocated.

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