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Cutting Edge, Homegrown Technology

We develop all our technology in-house. Our innovation team works tirelessly to evolve our bots and processes, ensuring our technology grows with you.

“Every solution we create runs from 3 bots, which use both Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. These bots work together in limitless configurations, instead of the more common “Frankenstein solution” that bolts on new technology to solve new problems.”
— Ciaran Jessup, Head of Innovation & Architecture

Meet the bots

CAL: Automatic Query Identification

CAL uses AI to read emails and text. It can identify and classify the nature of an incoming request. It then assigns it to either a resourcing agent or a human, depending on what is the most efficient choice.

REG: Clever Agent Resourcing

REG categorises your staff based on skills. It works behind the scenes to make sure that every customer interaction is directed to the right human at the right time, with the best skills to resolve the query quickly.

FLO: Intuitive Query Routing

Giving you frictionless access to customer information when you need it

Best-In-Class Security

Our identity service secures the entire Lokulus portfolio of solutions. It provides an enterprise-wide security ecosystem that enabling Single Sign-On with common third-party identity services (Google, Microsoft etc.). Leverage your existing identity provider, maximise that investment and keep your identity management centralised.

“Our security policies provide a robust framework for safeguarding against unauthorised access and preventing attacks that compromise performance, data and availability. All data is held in UK data centres, with the option of a private cloud-based environment should your security policies require it.”
— David Smith, Head of Cloud Security