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How to guide: From Agent to Super Agent

Richard Walsh

Agents are the lifeblood of your customer service operation. They are often the first port of call for a customer who needs and wants to contact you with queries, questions, complaints or even compliments!

It is likely that your agents will have a spread of skills - some will understand the complexities of your business domain, others will understand your brand values or business priorities. Some Agents will be new to the job.

In short, it is likely that there will be a spread of skills.

The question is, how can you normalise these skills across your team while at the same time empowering agents with the tools to grow their skill set?

1. The right work

Many customer interactions are predictable. What are your opening hours? How do I return a product? Where is my order?

If we can predict these interactions and the answer is also predictable, why would we burden our Agents with low complexity (and often high volume) work?

By leveraging unattended Robotic Process Automation we can free up Agents to focus on complex and interesting interactions. Consequently, Agents will be more engaged.

2. Consistent Messaging and Knowledge

Customers expect Agents to respond with brand awareness and demonstrate domain knowledge.

Businesses are looking to increase the frequency and quality of customer engagement.

Therefore, Agents should have access to curated content such as email templates to support brand identity and knowledge bases to support their understanding of your business.

You can elevate your Agents by providing them with the tools to share their domain knowledge with colleagues.

3. Context

For Agents, the customer is king. With the tools to understand who the customer is, what they want and the context of all previous interactions, Agents are able to respond with understanding.

Relationships can be fostered between Agent and Customer (and therefore the business) by routing interactions to Agents who’ve dealt with the customer before.

A shared history between Agent and Customer promotes job satisfaction.

4. Flexibility

While many businesses may operate a Call Centre, the world has changed over the last 6 months. Many companies and employees have discovered the benefits of remote working.

Running your contact centre in the cloud enables your staff to work from home and in a post COVID world the same technology will support work on the move.

These technologies allow Agents the flexibility to work in the environment that suits them.

5. Bricks and Mortar Staff

Businesses with physical retail outlets such as car dealerships and furniture shops employ experienced domain experts in their shops/show rooms. These staff members can be leveraged with exactly the same tools as your remote or call centre based Agents. They can improve the quality of shared knowledge and brand awareness.

Defining the Super Agent

The Super Agents are engaged, domain experts who have the tools to satisfy your customers needs.

Convert your Agents to Super Agents with Pulse, a cloud-first Customer Interaction Email management solution, which empowers Agents with the right tools and engages them with the right work.