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How can an AI resourcing bot help improve your CX?

Thomas Rowland

Imagine you had someone in your business who knew the strengths of all your team members inside out. They know who is working, having lunch, taking time off. They have a crystal ball which allows them keep an eye on all your business service targets and know exactly what you needed to do to meet them. And finally, but my no means least, they have the time to read everything you receive from your customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and know precisely how best to handle it.

Sounds good doesn’t it!? At Lokulus, we understood that this super-someone would be invaluable to any business. This 'person' would benefit customer experience and provide such efficiency for the complex running of process, we knew we had to create them!

Let me introduce REG; our unique, and state-of-the-art resourcing agent, powered by AI, and the key power behind our omnichannel solutions, including email management solution Pulse.

REG is one of 3 of our unique bots as we affectionally nick-name them. They work together and exclusively depending on our clients needs.

Here are the top 4 benefits of having REG beside you in your CX solutions.

1 - Right Item. Right Person. Right Time.

REG works with your customer service team to answer the question "What should I do next?". Working with CAL our classification agent, REGunderstands what is incoming. Everything you receive from your customers is read, understood and organised to fit into your business's priorities. REG combines this with a unique view of your service targets to ensure your team is focused on delivering the very best experience.

2 - Better Efficiency

When trying to provide the best customer service, your people are your greatest asset, and REG is here to make your business more efficient. Instead of wasting your teams valuable time trawling through lists of enquiries, hand this task to REG, who will instantly, and effortlessly push them what they need to work on.

3 - Empower Your Staff

The fact that REG works in the background, allows your team to focus on what’s important: serving your customers. Team members can focus all their attention on resolving customer enquiries and Team Leaders can spend their time reviewing performance and working with REG to make the process even more efficient.

4 - Seamless Customer Journeys

REG is the linchpin of the Lokulus interactive platform, working with our other bots I mentioned earlier; CAL the classification agent and FLO the workflow agent; collectively they provide a seamless customer interaction solution to help your business really take-off.

At Lokulus we’re extremely proud of our bots, so If REG sounds like something you need in your business, get in touch with the Lokulus sales team, we would love to talk about how you can use REG, CAL, FLO and the rest of the interactive platform to achieve better results for your business.