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You are running out of time. Here are 5 ways how to fix it! (Retail Edition)


The shopping experience is drastically changing. Retailers are facing an increasing demand to deliver an experiential shopping experience with more convenience, personalised service and faster interactions and responses. As a result, retailers are turning to technology for solutions to help them to meet the ever-changing shopper demands to deliver a seamless online and offline experience.

Let’s face it- technology is not only transforming how we buy things, it is affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, and none more so then way we communicate.

Let’s take our “old friend” email, for example:
• In 2013 there were 897 billion email users. This number grew to 1,779 billion in the space of 4 years(1).
• 91% of consumers check their email daily(2).
• 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017, and that figure is expected to grow to almost 320 billion daily emails in 2021, according to Statista.(3)

As much as some people like to deny it, email is still your customer’s preferred communication tool(4)

The perfect storm

Perhaps you run, or are a part of, a successful e-commerce business. You have an increasing number of customers who are reaching out to you by email. These customers are chasing orders, asking for delivery dates, sending items back or complaining about the delivery guy who left their parcel out in the pouring rain! Email management becomes a job in itself. With the increase in email communication, especially in recent times; 30 minutes a day quickly becomes two hours. Two hours becomes five. You are running out of time! Instead of focusing on what’s important, you are deep in trenches answering emails.

The great news is- Lokulus can help you.

Let me introduce you to Pulse - our solution to email management.

Pulse utilises tried and tested AI to transform the way your business interacts with your customers, ensuring the right employee deals with the communications that matter to you. So let’s dive into the top 5 ways we know we can help you:

Streamlined Customer and Case Management - imagine enquiries originating from the same customer being automatically allocated to the same customer record saving you and your employees time searching through the ever-expanding inbox. Similarly, enquiries relating to the same topic being automatically grouped so that everyone in your company has full visibility and context at a click of a button. This will not only save you heaps of time but also provide a seamless customer experience. After all – nobody wants to repeat themselves over and over again, right?

Automated Work Distribution - you can define work profiles so that tasks are automatically distributed to employees based upon priority and skill, improving productivity and adherence.

Automated Answers - you can increase productivity and quality with intelligent templates and suggested responses based upon the enquiry context

Content Management - wouldn’t it be great to have centralised email templates, standard notes, paragraphs, brand language and tone to provide a consistent experience to your customers? The great news is Pulse can help to create a centralised system eliminating the need for “copy and paste” from multiple different sources. Your Marketing Team will love it!

Productivity, Collaboration and Escalation - last but not least- you can Pend or Hold enquiries ensuring timely follow up and response. Pulse also allows marking employees as case owners so that subsequent enquiries are directed directly to them.

Wrapping up: what works for you

So there you go - Top 5 ways to free up some of your time.

At Lokulus, we understand there is no ‘one right way’ to manage emails. What works for one business might not work for you. Let’s explore together how Pulse can add value to your business. Please email us on sales@lokulus.com for a confidential call or to arrange a demonstration.

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