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Why IVA?

Your workforce and customers can now enjoy frictionless customer experiences, with improved operational effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

And what will that mean?

Increased customer retention rates and a lower turnover in staff.

Beat your competition

It’s likely you’ll have similarities to your competitors,
that’s why they’re competitors.

Our competitors say they do self- service, and they do.

But with IVA, we can do so much more. And so will you!

Inline Automated Channel Shift (AV)
Intelligent Automated Escalation
Agent empowered customer engagement
Pre-built industry specific journeysLimitedLimited
Standard and bespoke integrationsLimitedShopify-only

See IVA In Action

“Good digital customer service is critical to our business as a modern, efficient, service oriented business with a strong reliance on flexible and remote digital technology, so it's imperative we have the tools in place to support that. Lokulus has been just that and supported our growth and increased our capacity exponentially”
— Matthew Long, MD of BeMoto