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What is Spectra

Luke Paul James Pepper

Enhancing Customer Journeys: A Closer Look at Spectra, the Ultimate Customer Interaction Platform

In the fast-paced world of customer service, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their processes and deliver top-notch experiences to their valued customers. This is where Lokulus comes in. Enter Spectra, our cutting-edge Customer Interaction Platform (CIM), which has revolutionised how contact centres, web teams, and back-office operations handle customer interactions. In this article, we'll explore what Spectra is and how it can benefit organisations seeking to provide exceptional customer service.

Spectra: Empowering Customer-Centricity

At its core, Spectra is a highly configurable and adaptable solution designed to cater to the most demanding customer service functions. It is a unified application that gathers inbound and outbound communications from various sources, such as phone calls, social media, web forms, SMS, web chat, email and more. The goal is to centralise customer interactions and provide a seamless experience, regardless of the channel used.

Personalised and Efficient Customer Service

One of Spectra's standout features is its ability to analyse the nature of each customer enquiry and route it to the most appropriate department for action. This ensures that each request is directed to the right person, increasing efficiency, and reducing response times. It does this through our workflow capabilities powered by our proprietary workflow bot FLO .

Moreover, Spectra equips customer service agents with a comprehensive view of each customer and their enquiries, including previous account history, orders, and previous interactions. Armed with this wealth of information, agents can respond to specific requests more effectively, creating a personalised experience that resonates with customers.

Real-Time Workforce Reporting

Effective management of contact centres and agents is crucial for delivering exceptional customer service. Spectra shines in this aspect by providing real-time workforce reporting across various metrics, including agent performance, queue status, and channel statistics. Team leaders can monitor operations in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are consistently met.

Security and Compliance at its Core

In today's world, data security and compliance with industry standards are paramount. Spectra addresses these concerns with robust security modules that control agent access to sensitive information. Workflow rules can be set up to ensure work items undergo quality assurance review, and audit trails record all critical events automatically.

Main Functions of Spectra

Spectra boasts an impressive array of features, empowering organizations to take control of their customer service operations:

  1. Work Task Organisation and Optimisation: Spectra efficiently organises incoming communications, categorises them, and allocates them as work items to the appropriate business processes. Utilising knowledge of agent skills, availability, and work priorities, Spectra routes tasks to the right agents, streamlining operations and optimising resource usage.
  2. Response and Content Management: The platform maintains a rich knowledge base of standard content, such as message templates and paragraphs, to aid agents in crafting suitable responses. This ensures consistency across communications, whether through email, letters, or other channels.
  3. Customer, Case, and Contact Management: Spectra keeps a comprehensive track of all customer interactions, helping agents deliver timely and informed responses. With a unified view of each customer's history and ongoing cases, agents can provide a more personalised experience.
  4. Management and Control (Reporting): Spectra empowers team leaders with powerful reporting tools to monitor workforce performance and workloads. Historical comparisons and adherence reporting against SLAs ensure continuous improvement.
  5. Auditing and Compliance: Compliance with data security and retention policies is made easier with Spectra's comprehensive auditing capabilities. Encrypted data, obfuscation, and controlled access to information all contribute to maintaining industry-standard compliance.
  6. Conditional Workflows: Spectra's workflow engine supports conditional workflows that allow for dynamic decision-making based on specific triggers or customer attributes. This flexibility ensures that each customer's journey is personalized and appropriately handled.

Spectra: The Ideal Customer Interaction Platform for Your Business

Spectra represents a transformative leap in customer interaction platforms, offering organisations a powerful, flexible, and secure solution for enhancing customer journeys. By centralising communications, optimising work tasks, and enabling agents with essential customer insights, Spectra ensures that businesses can adapt to evolving customer needs in the short, medium, and long term.

In an era where customer-centricity reigns supreme, Spectra is the ideal partner to help organisations deliver exceptional service, leaving customers satisfied and loyal. With its robust features and unwavering commitment to security and compliance, Spectra stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of customer service platforms, unlocking the potential for businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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