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AI-Powered Retail: Redefining e-commerce experiences

Alister Harris

Approaching peak seasons in retail like Black Friday and Christmas hold significant weight for retailers, marked by a surge in demand and elevated customer expectations. Efficiency is of utmost importance in competitive landscapes like the retail industry, which is why our platform is front and centre for optimum success throughout the holiday period.

As the holiday season begins, most retailers brace for both opportunities and challenges. With Lokulus, we recognise the distinct dynamics of the festive period, and we offer solutions that extend beyond just efficiency to elevate the end-to-end experience for your customers, and provide invaluable support for your team.

Optimising digital

With seamless integration with your existing systems, our platform operates quietly in the background, shaping improved, streamlined experiences for all. Intelligent Work Distribution ensures tasks are efficiently allocated to the right person at the right time, while Case Management facilitates the smooth handling of customer interactions. The Unified Agent Workspace brings disparate processes together for effective management amid the seasonal retail chaos.

What exactly does this mean? To put it simply, your team will have a 360 degree view of every single customer allowing for quick, personalised and successful customer service. If a new case is opened for a high ticket item, and you have a specific agent that has had a positive outcome with this customer previously, the work can be routed specifically to them, along with all of the context needed to leave your customers feeling positive and valued with their experience.

Efficiency through automation

Lokulus' low-code platform can be transformational for retail businesses during the Christmas rush. Adapting to challenges like rising costs and workforce constraints, Lokulus seamlessly transitions from full automation to team involvement as needed, ensuring exceptional service delivery without sacrificing efficiency.

Our AI-driven workflow automation is unparalleled, allowing your agents to prioritise cases critical to your business while our other solutions, such as IVA can handle the rest.

Meet IVA

IVA can seamlessly connect and integrate with your current systems, delivering automated harmonious communications with your customers.

Powered by Lokulus’ advanced AI bots, your business is set for a customer experience revolution, as intelligent, integrated technologies automate tasks from the front to the middle and all the way to the back end.

We know one size doesn't fit all, so with our IVA journey builder, you can have complete flexibility to enable personalised customer journeys, even specific to your industry!

Exceeding customer service expectations

Lokulus' platform, equipped with IVA and Omni-Channel capabilities, becomes the foundation of impeccable customer service. It intelligently manages and adapts automated workflows, promptly addressing customer queries through virtual assistance across various channels. Lokulus can take your business one step further with the ability to shift to any channel at any time.

This means you can exceed expectations, and your customers can be supported when and how they want, gone are the days of waiting on a live chat to be told they have to phone a different number only to be asked to repeat their issues, causing growing unrest that could become detrimental to your business and increase customer churn.

Building customer loyalty

Integrating the Lokulus platform means e that all systems stay up to date with a single version of the truth. Imagine fully automated execution of complex, repeatable work, with a system intelligent enough to know when human involvement is necessary. You'll reap multiple benefits, from high CSAT to lower costs to serve. And importantly, we're committed for the long term, ensuring your platform evolves and grows as your organisation does.

Our platform is built, implemented and delivered by us, so we are solely focused on delivering for you. You’ll benefit from a solution that is designed to adapt, grow, and deliver continuous improvement as your goals change.

With our AI workflow automation platform, Lokulus can transform the e-commerce experiences for you and your customers, ensuring that you will no longer approach high-stress periods like Black Friday and Christmas Sales with anxiety. Experience AI-driven solutions that will keep customers coming back for more, year on year.

To find out more about how Lokulus can help transform your customer experiences and propel your retail business forward in 2024, get in touch now and one of our experts will reach out to arrange a bespoke consultation.