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Behind the scenes: Episode 1 - David Jones

David Jones

As our teams grow and their roles evolve, we want to shine a light on the individuals who make Lokulus what it is and give an understanding of the variety of roles we have at the business, what they get up to in their own time and what they think about working here.

Next up is David Jones, a Knowledge Manager within the business.

My Job: I’ve been with Lokulus for 13 years now and doing similar roles for more than two decades. Documenting our product is a constant job. It is massive, and there are always changes and improvements we can do. Advances in technology mean that the way we deliver our content has changed over time. From PDFs through to online help to video, it is always changing.

My Life: My work-life balance is great. The kids may have left home a few years ago, but my time is filled with many outside interests such as karate, running, gardening, dog walking, and chutney making. Lokulus provides me with a very flexible work environment, which means I, as a Knowledge Manager, can fit in all of these and more, easily.

Asked his thoughts on Lokulus, David says: “I love the variety of the work I do. From API documentation to instructional video and user research. I work with an incredibly talented team. It is always fun!”