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How To Get Personalisation Right

Thomas Rowland

In an exclusive interview with Lokulus’ Head of Product, David Seed, and Head of Customer, Thomas Rowland, we delve into the profound impact of personalisation strategies across diverse industries, exploring its advantages, challenges, and what the future holds for personalisation.

What is personalisation?

A personalisation strategy is crucial for establishing of a profound connection between businesses and their customers, David Seed, Lokulus' Head of Product, explains; "Ultimately, from a customer's point of view, you want to know that the person at the other end understands who you are, what you want, and can provide personalised journeys."

Lokulus puts this strategy into action through a meticulous process that involves comprehensive data collection and analysis. By understanding customer preferences and expectations at a deeper level, Lokulus strives to create a 360-degree view of each individual. Leveraging advanced technologies, Lokulus’ AI-driven workflow automation platform and our Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) enables seamless, personalised customer journeys, tailoring interactions at every stage. This commitment transforms our vision into a tangible reality, using technology and data to offer bespoke experiences that resonate personally with each customer, fostering lasting connections and brand loyalty.

Unveiling the advantages of personalisation

The team at Lokulus are staunch advocates for the significant advantages personalisation offer across businesses, irrespective of their sector. David highlights two pivotal factors: customer satisfaction and retention, as the cornerstones of a personalisation strategy. These emphasise not only the need for addressing immediate requirements, but also fostering long-term relationships.

Tom highlights another critical aspect of personalisation — quality service, and the importance of creating an environment where customers feel genuinely heard and valued. Tom stresses: "It's the feeling that an organisation cares enough about what has been said." This emphasis on attentiveness and care aligns with Lokulus' commitment to providing not just a platform, product or service, but an experience that resonates with the customer on a personal level.

At Lokulus, our dedicated approach to personalisation emphasises that customer-centricity is not only about meeting needs but also about creating an emotional connection. By prioritising satisfaction, retention, and the profound feeling of being heard, Lokulus strives to set a new standard in personalised customer experiences across diverse industries.

Addressing challenges in personalisation

The Lokulus team acknowledges that there can be prevalent challenges that businesses may encounter when implementing effective personalisation strategies. David sheds light on the Lokulus way; "We add value by allowing businesses to shift channels, enabling users to communicate on the platform they prefer, in a seamless and deeply personalised journey." This highlights Lokulus’ dedication to providing a flexible and adaptable framework that caters to diverse communication preferences, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Tom emphasises the critical importance of striking a delicate balance between elevating user experience and respecting privacy concerns, stating that; "At Lokulus, we’re committed to not only delivering personalised experiences but doing so ethically and responsibly, ensuring that privacy remains a top priority.”

With Lokulus’ seamless, adaptable communication platform, challenges within personalisation can be addressed whilst maintaining a keen awareness of privacy boundaries, striking the right balance required for effective personalisation across diverse industries.

The future of personalisation

Looking ahead, David and Tom discuss the evolving landscape of personalisation. "AI is a powerful tool, and 80% of what we engage with will be automated within the next ten years." states David. However, he further injects a note of contemplation, questioning, "but do we believe that’s real?" It’s important that whilst we advocate for the strength in AI and automation, we must consider the potential implications of a significant shift toward automation in entirety.

Tom predicts that personalisation is likely to transcend the digital realm and extend into the real world, effectively blurring the lines between online and physical experiences. He offers a tangible example, stating, "Should there be a future where personalisation extends to real-world interactions, for instance, if I own a car should there be a future where the personalisation from a business goes as far as serving you content based on the knowledge of you being in the car? The metaverse is more about merging your online and physical." Tom’s perspective highlights how there is potential that in the future, personalisation could become seamlessly integrated into day-to-day, offline activities, enriching the overall customer experience.

This suggests that the future of personalisation may involve a harmonious blend of virtual and real-world interactions, where individuals experience a continuity between their online and physical existence. As Head of Product and Head of Customer, Dave and Tom’s forward-thinking insights highlight the significance of personalisation in customer experiences whilst stressing the importance of having a finger on the pulse and an eye to the future.

At Lokulus, we’re all about the outcome and we’re passionate about working with our clients to ensure all requirements are met, no matter what they are. What’s more, we’re in it for the long haul. If you’re looking for an AI automation partner, for now, and the future – we’d love to hear from you.

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