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Lokulus’ AI automation spearheading technological change for TMCs

Alister Harris

With international travel projected to exceed pre-pandemic levels in 2024, the industry continues to navigate unprecedented times. The global shortage of travel consultants coupled with a reliance on disjointed technology and processes means that for TMCs to stay ahead, they will need to find innovative solutions to handle the increased workload and drive positive customer experiences.

Understanding the pivotal role exceptional customer service plays in the fast-paced travel sector, Lokulus’ AI-driven workflow automation platform delivers benefits across organisations. With Lokulus, TMCs can enhance productivity, streamline operations, optimise work distribution, and empower teams. This allows TMCs to increase revenue whilst delivering efficient and personalised service that boosts customer loyalty.

The importance of omni-channel

Modern communication is changing - with customers expecting communication through their preferred channels, from WhatsApp to online webchat – which is already embraced by other sectors, such as retail who have adopted an omni-channel approach boosting online sales by £52 billion in the UK. Lokulus’ platform can provide TMCs with this power allowing your customer to engage on their preferred channel given the situation. The platform allows seamlessly switching between channels without losing context, therefore ensuring great customer experiences and efficient service by through consistency across multiple channels and touch points.

All about service through automation

TMC technology environments include systems across the front, middle and back office and managing tasks across this estate is complex. Lokulus’ software platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and all major GDS providers, automating tasks and removing the need for shared email inboxes. When a consultant is needed, it will prioritise and assign work to them based on urgency and relevance, which is all dealt with through a single user interface.

Personalisation is key

Personalisation is driven by knowledge. Through integrations your consultants will have all relevant client information from around your business at their fingertips, meaning they are empowered to personalise their communications and bookings. In addition, the AI toolsets allow summarisation of complex booking requirements, guided responses and sentiment analysis to ensure your clients are getting the service exceeding that of your competition.

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