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Meet The Team: Anthony Greenough


"We just experience so much as a team, It's just such a close-knit business."

We caught up with our Technical Support Manager Tony Greenough to give you an inside look at the role, Lokulus as a company and what the experience has been like since joining our team.

When did you join Lokulus

"So, I joined the company in October 2019, so just over two and a half, so I've worked in the for close to 20 years.

I was a product developer within the insurance industry, primarily focusing on documentation when I first joined the business.

But after ten years, I took the decision to move more into a code-based team and developed real time pricing strategies and algorithms in Drools and Java.

Then we took on the additional scope of web transforms from aggregator sites into individual brokers in the insurance industries."

What is your favorite work memory

"There are so many, such fantastic team to work with every day. You know, we learn new things. we just experience so much as a team. It's just such a close-knit business that, you know, everybody's involved in everything, and it just works so well."

What is the last thing you learnt in your role?

"That it's an ever-evolving role. I learned that my team can cope with almost anything. They are adaptable. They are available, and they are so technically skilled. They just amaze me on a daily basis. So, I've learned not to take them for granted and to use their skill set to my advantage and to the customer's advantage.

What are your main responsibilities?

"My main responsibilities are to be the team manager and to administer the workload on a daily basis. I'm the escalation point for both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Customers can contact me should they need to raise the priority on something, or if the need the team need technical assistance or additional support from within the business. They approach me not only do I act as the support manager, but I'm also involved technically from a peers perspective. So on more technical issues I will assist, provide my insight to, you know, increase the skillset and knowledge around the investigation."

What do you like about working at Lokulus?

"Working at Lokulus, it's an ever-growing business. It's technically advanced. It's got so many from a software perspective, it's got so many possibilities. It's scalable to the nth degree and forgetting about the software, the team, there's so welcoming, so knowledgeable. They are the best bunch of people to work with. I love working for this company."

What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining?

Apply, you know, when you speak to the people in the interviews, you'll find out exactly the type of people you're going to be working with. There's nothing scary about us we're everyday people, you know, doing a job that amazes our customers. Be part of that team and, you know, just feel welcome because you will be welcomed."