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Spectra Configuration & Customization

Luke Paul James Pepper

Where efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction converge

With flexible configuration options, businesses can tailor Spectra to their unique requirements, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. Spectra is a cutting-edge customer service solution that transforms customer service by combining automation, efficiency, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

With its flexible configuration options, Spectra provides businesses with a tailored platform that meets their unique customer service needs. Say goodbye to inefficiency, inconsistency, and customer frustrations as Spectra revolutionises how you manage customer contacts. In this knowledge article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of Spectra Configuration, highlighting how it streamlines operations, enhances customer experience, and maximises business potential.

Efficiency through Integration

Spectra's configuration combines innovative AI technology and a cloud-based system to seamlessly integrate with existing front and back-end systems.

This integration eliminates common customer frustrations, allowing businesses to provide a smooth and cohesive customer experience across all channels. Spectra simplifies management by centralising communication channels and ensuring customers feel valued, understood, and appreciated.

Tailored Solution for streamlined operations

One of Spectra’s standout features is its infinite configurations, enabling businesses to customise the platform to their specific requirements. The core of Spectra lies in the Companies, Categories, and Channels (CCC) concept, which controls the path of each message through the system.

This ensures that messages reach the right agent at the right time, eliminating inefficiencies and minimising response times. Spectra's Resource Manager automates business processes and optimises work allocation based on configurable properties, eliminating wasted time and resources.

Companies as Organisational Units

Companies in Spectra are organisational units to which your customers send messages. You can also view it as a specific brand, so the company is the brand in a multi-brand environment. Each company may have distinct teams of users, business processes, branding, and corporate identity.

For each company, you can configure areas of Spectra differently. You can set up your administrators, supervisors, and users so they are only aware of certain companies. The enrichment process determines the company using company allocation rules for each inbound message.

True Omnichannel Capabilities

Say goodbye to fragmented interactions and embrace true omnichannel capabilities. Channels such as email, phone, SMS, and WhatsApp converge seamlessly within Spectra, enabling businesses to provide a consistent customer experience across multiple touchpoints. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers can engage with businesses through their preferred channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Categories for Efficient Work Processing

Categories represent different types of work and specific business processes. Whether handling complaints, cancellations, or order delivery inquiries, Spectra streamlines work processing by categorising tasks accordingly. Leveraging rule-based systems or artificial intelligence, Spectra intelligently routes incoming messages to the appropriate category, ensuring efficient handling and resolution.

Efficient Work Routing and Automation with Spectra's Customizable Combinations

Spectra revolutionizes work management through its dynamic approach to routing tasks to the most suitable individuals while driving automation. By strategically aligning categories and channels with specific companies, Spectra optimizes work processes for various scenarios, ensuring tailored and effective workflows.

This level of customisation allows businesses to fine-tune their Spectra configuration to align perfectly with their unique business processes, call centre teams, and customer requirements. The CCC concept simplifies complex configurations, making Spectra an adaptable and powerful tool.

Seamless work distribution with queues

Queues are collections of outstanding work awaiting processing for specific CCC combinations and manual outcomes. The Resource Manager uses the configured CCC combinations to distribute work items from each queue to users intelligently. This granular work distribution provides exceptional flexibility for managing large volumes of messages across distributed teams, offering valuable insights into team performance and productivity.

Access Rights for Enhanced Security and Control

Using work, security, and general profiles, finely control user access to the system and secure data on a need-to-know basis. Work Profiles determine queue access levels, General Profiles manage user properties based on competency levels (e.g., beginner, standard, senior), and Security Profiles regulate user functionality and system configuration changes.

Maximise potential with Spectra's granular reporting

Spectra’s finely-grained configuration enables businesses to maximise their potential through granular reporting capabilities. By assigning a reporting calendar per company/brand, businesses can monitor and measure the success of their teams over time.

The rich data insights provided by Spectra cover various aspects, including time zones, shifts, agents, and multiple sites. This comprehensive reporting allows businesses to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and improve customer service.